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The BTC promotes triathlon and team spirit and focuses its efforts on two circuits where our triathletes have the opportunity to meet in order to surpass themselves:

The Supercup circuit

This French-speaking circuit is organized by the Belgian Francophone League of Triathlon and Duathlon (LBFTD). It rewards the performance and consistency of participants and clubs. The events are open to everyone and spread over the entire season. The competitions take place in Belgium, mainly in Wallonia. The competition distances range from sprint triathlons to long distance triathlons. The BTC regularly ranks among the 3 best clubs on the circuit with several triathletes among the top 10 in the scratch ranking.

The Triathlon Team Series circuit (T3)

Since the 2015 season, the Belgian Triathlon and Duathlon Federation (FBTD) has organized an interclub competition, following the example of France (Grand Prix) and Holland (Eredivisie). The FBTD wishes to promote team spirit in this way by offering an explosive and attractive competition. The selected teams compete in 4 spectacular short-format triathlon competitions, both at the individual level (sprint triathlon) and at the club level (team triathlon and relay triathlons). The competitions take place in Belgium, mainly in Flanders. Swimming takes place in open water and drafting is allowed in the cycling section.
In addition to these two circuits, some triathletes of course choose to participate in other races both in Belgium and abroad.