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The Brussels Triathlon Club (BTC) was formed in 1986 by a group of enthusiasts of the triple sport and has attracted some excellent triathletes over the years coming from many different countries. The club now has over one hundred members brought together by the same passion.

The BTC is based at one of the best equipped sport centres in the region – Sportcity (Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, in Brussels).

Since its creation, the BTC has always promoted a club spirit.  Whether in training or in competition our approach is always one of good humour. The motto of the club is not to be taken seriously while doing triathlons seriously.  Each athlete competes in the sport at their level and according to their time availability.  The club has both short-distance triathlon enthusiasts (sprint, olympic distance) as well as fans of longer distances and Ironman. The majority of club members are aged 25 to 40 years old (though we also have a number of members who are younger and older) and a growing number of female athletes.

Friendliness is a key value of the BTC. In addition to sport, the club offers opportunities to meet and spend time together, both for the athletes and their families. The club also has a Facebook presence with public and private sections which allows members to easily communicate. The private section keeps members up to date on the club’s activities.

The BTC provides the ideal environment for training and competition and has many unique features enjoyed by its members:

  • Training Partners
    The group training sessions attract many athletes which helps club members find training partners at similar levels, thereby creating a valuable opportunity for emulation which can assist motivation and progression.
  • Experienced Coaches
    The club has group training sessions in all 3 disciplines which are supervised by experienced coaches.
  • Ideal infrastructure
    We have 3 coached swimming sessions per week at Sportcity in the 50 metre Olympic pool as well as a weekly access to the athletics track.
  • Training Locations
    The Sonian Forest (Dutch: Zoniënwoud, French: Forêt de Soignes) and the Woluwe Park are ideal settings for running.  Our location in the east of Brussels also gives us quick access to beautiful bike courses in Flemish and Walloon Brabants with alternating flat and hilly sections.


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